Tarot of the Holy Spectrum
fool stack0228.jpg

From the Artist:

Tarot of the Holy Spectrum is a product of the last year of my life. At the onset of creation, my main goal was to create a deck that spoke in a cohesive color language. While I was originally inspired by the imagery of the Smith Rider Waite deck, over time I was intuitively guided to follow my own interpretation of the archetypes. ∞



Why the Spectrum?

When first thinking about creating this deck, it started as an artistic challenge. The goal was to set very specific color boundaries and then see if I could stick with them through the process of making an entire deck. The Minors would be a complete color spectrum for each suit, while featuring a suit determined color and item in central focus. The Court cards would remain monochromatic in adherence to the suit color. and the Majors would feature black and white imagery with a single highlighted color which would be determined by the cards’ number. The Fool is the only card to feature every color in the form of a spectrum. ∞